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General Sweepstakes List Forum / Re: SL and Microsoft Edge
« Last post by sdadolf on September 10, 2019, 09:14:51 am »
Just checking in to see if anything might be new in regards to using Microsoft Edge with SL.

A good number of my dailies no longer will work using IE, so I have to copy the URL from SL and paste it into Edge to enter the sweeps.

Now that Edge is more widely used. I was hoping there might be some new workaround for SL.

I have also read that Microsoft is already redesigning Edge to make its underlying logic use the Chromium logic.  Not sure what effect that might have in enabling SL to support Edge. 

Sometimes when you upgrade Firefox to latest version, Sweepstakes List fails to recognize it.
I?ve created the registry fix for your PC that should resolve issue between Sweepstakes List and Firefox.
However, there is a chance that it would not fix the issue or interfere with your Firefox installation.
Run it at your own risk !!

If you agree to use this fix, you?d need to do following steps:
1.   Create System Restore Point (to be on the safe side).
2.   Check version of Firefox by selecting Help -> About Firefox.
2a.   If Firefox version says 64-bit download file firefox64.reg by right-clicking on link and saving to Desktop via Save Link As...
2b.   Otherwise, download file firefox86.reg by right-clicking on link and saving to Desktop via Save Link As...
3.   If file saved with .txt extension, rename file to remove .txt extension (agree on confirmation dialog).
4.   Double-click on downloaded .reg file to run it.
5.   Answer Yes to confirmation question from Registry Editor.
5a.   If necessary, answer Yes to confirmation question from User Account Control.
6.   Click OK when done.
7.   Restart Sweepstakes List.
8.   Restart Firefox.
9.   Now Sweepstakes List should allow to select Firefox.
10. Delete downloaded .reg file.
General Sweepstakes List Forum / tip
« Last post by Webmaster on February 03, 2018, 09:33:58 pm »
One thing I've found...

Say, you have some link, like .
When you open it thru Sweepstakes List, it opens to some Facebook page, asking you to login.
There is solution to bypass Facebook, going directly to : add "?tab=1" to your URL:

Not sure if it works for every link, but works for many...

P.S. After some research I've found that "?embed=1" works better - it does not remove vertical scrollbar:
Sweepstakes List Questions / Answers / Re: Evaluation Period expired
« Last post by Webmaster on January 09, 2018, 01:31:52 pm »
I'm sorry, somehow I've missed this topic. Is this still an issue ?
Sweepstakes List Questions / Answers / Evaluation Period expired
« Last post by phredp on December 07, 2017, 11:35:42 am »
 :-[  I'm a registered user but an hour ago my desktop icon disappeared and it says my evaluation period has expired.  All my sweeps are gone???
General Sweepstakes List Forum / Twitter problem
« Last post by jalapenomama on August 20, 2017, 10:19:21 pm »
I hope it is OK to post this here.
Me and another contester is having frequent Twitter suspensions for no reason.
We are caught up in a glitch.
I know there has to be others with this issue.
Anyone here?
General Sweepstakes List Forum / Re: SL and Microsoft Edge
« Last post by Webmaster on December 26, 2016, 06:47:04 pm »
Sorry for the delay in response.

Edge browser is different from other browsers like Chrome or Firefox - it is more like a Windows service, than actual application. So, adding Edge as option to list of browsers would require large amount of programming. Since Edge does not support RoboForm, antivirus and other useful tools, I'd assume not too many users would want to use Edge with SL. So, creating a new version of SL to add Edge into browsers list would be very low priority.

I've found some kind of workaround - how to use Edge instead of one of legacy browsers, like Flock. If you OK with extensive registry editing and command file creation, I can provide step-by-step instructions.

Note: running Edge from Sweepstakes List neither warranted, nor supported.
General Sweepstakes List Forum / SL and Microsoft Edge
« Last post by sdadolf on December 18, 2016, 06:50:47 am »
Microsoft keeps trying to get us (me) to abandon IE and use Edge. 

I make really good use of being able to select multiple browsers since each brosaer has its own cookies.  I can enter different users with a different browser and not have continually login in to Twitter, Facebook, etc. for each user.

Any chance we can get an update to SL that will enable users to select Edge as a browser choice?

Thanks, Steve

Sweepstakes List News and Announcements / Support Schedule Announcements
« Last post by Webmaster on March 17, 2016, 04:58:46 pm »
In this topic upcoming support delays and interruptions would be listed.

Sweepstakes List support response time would be significantly delayed. Sweepstakes List registrations should not be affected.

Sweepstakes List support would be significantly delayed for two weeks.

Sweepstakes List support would be unavailable for holiday week.

Sweepstakes List support would be unavailable.

Sweepstakes List support would be unavailable for Thanksgiving week.

November, 2018
Sweepstakes List web site would be transferring to new hosting. Temporary issues are possible with Sweepstakes List application, web site, email and/or forum.

Delays/issues are possible with contacting Sweepstakes List via email. Please, use forum as additional support option, if needed.
It a great invention. Since Sweepstakes List version with online features not available yet, it would be a good option for people who want to use Sweepstakes List from multiple computers.

Congratulations with your prize !


Some legal words :). Use of Sweepstakes List with Dropbox requires expert knowledge of Windows file system, Cloud storage and security management. ARDA does not guarantee successful usage of Sweepstakes List with Dropbox. While ARDA does allow users to run Sweepstakes List via Cloud storage, ARDA will not support issues (data loss, hardware damage, service fees, etc.) directly related to usage of Sweepstakes List with Cloud.
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