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« on: March 16, 2012, 07:49:23 am »
Once a week or so I come across a news article regarding a sweepstakes that says the promotion starts at some future date...maybe a week later, or on a specific day a week or so later.  Right now I send an email to myself and put something in the subject to remind me to go to that web page or site on a specific date.  Too often I forget to go visit the web page on the specific date and miss something I was supposed to do.

It would be great if SL had an option for this.

I could put the web page in the usual SL field, put in a subject and maybe a comment, and then put in a specific date that when wanted to be reminded.  I guess it would be like entering a one-time only sweep, but with a future date.  When I hit save I would NOT want it to be considered entered, because the date would not have occurred yet.

As I write this it occurs to me that maybe this is already (partially) implemented in SL?  If I enter a sweeps into SL, and select its frequency as once, and put a future expiration date...all I would need is to be able to not have it show as entered when I hit save.  Will it then show up as available to "enter" on the expiration date?
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Re: Reminder
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I'm planning to have Start Date field (and even Custom Shedule feature), but not in next release...

There is a workaround that you can use in curent SL... Say, today you have a single entry sweeps that starts on 4/10/12 and ands on 5/15/12. To set the "reminder" you select "monthly" for frequency, 5/15/12 as Expiration Date and 4/1/12 as Date Entered. So, on 1st of May you'd get this sweeps shown as "due for entry".

It is not the best solution, but it works.
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