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Text Message SL
« on: April 01, 2012, 09:31:27 am »
Not an enhancement for SL, but....have you any interest in expanding your offerings to the Android smartphone world?

Many sweepers like me are now entering 20-30 text message sweepstakes daily.  There are a number of reasonably good text message apps out there, but nooe of them is optimized for sweepstakers.  They are just apps for normal text messaging that sweepers are using.

I could see a smartphone app that would have a screen designed to look almost like SL, but for text message sweeps.  One column of the form would have the SMS address, the next the code word to be sent, another the end date, and maybe a notes field.  The user could send a text message by selecting a specific text message sweep and clicking send.  The user would be notified when the end date is reached.  That is one of the major features not available in existing text message sweeps....the ability to know when a text message sweep ends.  If room available, also could have a column or symbol indicating if the sweep is daily, weekly, unlimited, etc.

The above might be the entry level program.

A super upgrade of the program  would include the following additional feature (maybe charge money for the following added feature).

The ability to set up automatic text messaging of sweeps on the list...the user could set a time of day and when that time was reached each day the designated text message would automatically be sent without any user effort.

Some of us have already won some nice prizes via ext message sweeps.  I see more and more text message sweeps becoming available...and more and more users entering them.
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Re: Text Message SL
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 08:09:44 am »
I was looking into mobile (Android and Apple) world, but was not convinced. Main thing: there is really little chance that somebody would fill out sweepstakes using smartphone or even tablet. Just because they?re TOO small and missing real keyboards and mice. So, most possibly, SL would stay on Windows platform.

And my opinion concerning SMS sweeps. Long time I?ve tried to stay away from them. Just because mobile providers were charging ?per SMS? rates, defying an idea of ?free for entry?. However, recently some providers introduced plans with unlimited SMS included, so now those SMS sweeps become more appealing. However, I still don?t want to move into mobile world programming. I?m thinking about some kind of Android emulator that would send SMS messages from Windows environment. Not sure, if it could be accomplished, but it worth trying?

For now, I can recommend Schedule Sms Wishes utility for Android that I?ve found:
It?s doing everything you need from SMS messaging, except handling of end dates.
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