Author Topic: How to fix missing connection between Sweeepstakes List and Firefox  (Read 2303 times)


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Sometimes when you upgrade Firefox to latest version, Sweepstakes List fails to recognize it.
I?ve created the registry fix for your PC that should resolve issue between Sweepstakes List and Firefox.
However, there is a chance that it would not fix the issue or interfere with your Firefox installation.
Run it at your own risk !!

If you agree to use this fix, you?d need to do following steps:
1.   Create System Restore Point (to be on the safe side).
2.   Check version of Firefox by selecting Help -> About Firefox.
2a.   If Firefox version says 64-bit download file firefox64.reg by right-clicking on link and saving to Desktop via Save Link As...
2b.   Otherwise, download file firefox86.reg by right-clicking on link and saving to Desktop via Save Link As...
3.   If file saved with .txt extension, rename file to remove .txt extension (agree on confirmation dialog).
4.   Double-click on downloaded .reg file to run it.
5.   Answer Yes to confirmation question from Registry Editor.
5a.   If necessary, answer Yes to confirmation question from User Account Control.
6.   Click OK when done.
7.   Restart Sweepstakes List.
8.   Restart Firefox.
9.   Now Sweepstakes List should allow to select Firefox.
10. Delete downloaded .reg file.
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