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Sweepstakes List is the most effective sweepstakes management solution on the market. It is packed with useful features that are a must for every sweepstakes lover. It will store information about sweepstakes entered and alert about sweepstakes that are due for filling.

Sweepstakes List Features include:

Easy-to-Follow Installation Guide
Help system will show how to teach yourself into Sweepstakes List in four easy steps

Simple-To-Use Sweepstakes Entry System
Designed to enter necessary sweepstakes information with minimal user interaction

One-Click Sweepstakes Status Update
Just click Entered! and Status and Date Entered will be updated with today's date

Seamless Browser and E-Mail Integration
Open web page or create E-Mail message directly from Sweepstakes List

Intelligent Sweepstakes Alerter and Scheduler
Mark frequency of sweepstakes and Alerter will notify you when they are due for entry

Highly Customizable Interface
Disable features you don't use, customize other options to streamline sweeps entry

Powerful Search Features
Search active and expired sweepstakes by name, URL or by your own comments

Filtering Capabilities
Choice to view customized subset of sweepstakes for ease of browsing

Dual Sort Order Selection
Sort sweepstakes by expiration date and, optionally, by sweepstakes status

Smart Pre-Fill Options
When entering multiple sweeps, it will automatically fill common sweeps data for you

Data Entry Optimization
Sweepstakes List will take raw text and format it according to your settings

Pop-Up Calendar
Expiration date and entry date could be entered or modified using pop-up calendar

Users List with Selectable Default User
Create your list of users, including default user, and use it to mark sweeps entered

Step-By-Step Options Wizard
Options wizard will guide through major settings and advise to make wise choices

Automatic New Version Checking
Sweepstakes List will notify you immediately when new version is available

Synchronization with Computer Clock
When new day comes, sweeps status will be refreshed according to new date

Integrated Help System
Help includes all necessary information to make your experience easy and painless

NEW! Multiple Web Browsers support:
FireFox, NetCaptor, Maxthon, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Use your preferred web browser to open sweepstakes web pages

NEW! Simple Web Browser selection
Switch between browsers in a click

NEW! Precise handling of 24-Hour sweepstakes
Know exact time when 24-Hour sweepstakes are due for filling

BONUS! Useful "How to WIN Sweepstakes" Guide Included
Learn from a pro - read "How to WIN Sweepstakes" guide for useful tips and tricks

Software Requirements:
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or 7, Internet Connection

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