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[New!] 01/07/2016 Assistance with backing up data and licensing information for Sweepstakes List available here.
[New!] 07/29/2015 Sweepstakes List 1.06 is compatible with Windows 10. Read more about Windows 10 compatibility here.
  04/19/2014 Sweepstakes List program, web site and PayPal registrations are NOT affected by Heartbleed Bug
  08/08/2012 Sweepstakes List version 1.06 is available.
It includes many new features, enhancements and fixes.
Read more about new version of Sweepstakes List here.
Download Sweepstakes List program here.
  12/31/2011 Support Forum is opened. Register on forum to read news and announcements, get help from support team, report bugs (hope you wouldn't have to use that feature), request enhancement or just talk to other Sweepstakes List users. You don't have to be a registered (paid) user to use Support Forum.
To access Support Forum click Forum button or just go here.
  12/31/2011 It's official: Sweepstakes List has its own Twitter !
Follow it to get latest Sweepstakes List news and announcements:

  09/07/2009 Repackaged version of Sweepstakes List is available.
It includes fix for Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit compatibility issue.
  10/21/2007 Sweepstakes List version is 1.04 is available.
New version includes fixes for Windows Vista compatibility issues.
  03/18/2007 Sweepstakes List version is 1.03 is available.
New version includes minor fixes.
  03/05/2006 Sweepstakes List version is 1.02 is available.
Now Sweepstakes List supports multiple web browsers.
Supported browsers include FireFox, NetCaptor, Maxthon, etc.
02/12/2006 Sweepstakes List retail version is READY!
All users of BETA versions MUST upgrade to new version.
12/25/2005 Sweepstakes List retail version is almost ready.
Stay tuned for news.
  07/16/2004 Sweepstakes List 0.85 (BETA) is ready.

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