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Version Changes:

[New!] Sweepstakes List 1.06
New features:
1. Support for 24-hour sweepstakes, precise handling of them:
  •  24-Hour Sweepstakes type option.
  •  Refresh button to update 24-Hour Sweepstakes status.
  •  Choice to auto-refresh 24-Hour Sweepstakes status on every Save / Entered! click.
2. Simple daily statistics

1. Support for wide variety of web browsers (including latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
2. Additional options like "Phone #", "Custom", etc.
3. Extended filter choices to handle new options
4. Shortcuts definition
5. Ability to see exact entry date/time
6. Simple selection of browser from main screen
7. Updated Help file
8. Updated Options Wizard

1. Pre-fill option malfunction is fixed
2. Calendar malfunction is fixed
3. Screen flickering reduced
4. Minor fixes
  Sweepstakes List 1.04
- Dropped registry entries to comply with Windows Vista
- Fixed ODBC connection problem in with Windows Vista
- Help file converted to Compiled HTML as Windows Vista does not include WinHelp support
  Sweepstakes List 1.03
- typo fix in about screen
- fix in sweepstakes search engine
- fix of error message when all sweepstakes already expired
Sweepstakes List 1.02
- supports multiple web browsers (FireFox, NetCaptor, Maxthon, etc.)
- minor typo fixes in Options screen

Sweepsstakes List 1.01
First Retail version of Sweepstakes List

Sweepsstakes List 0.85
- Fixed problem with "duplicate entry" error on save
- Some minor fixes / enhancements
Sweepsstakes List 0.84
First Version of Sweepstakes List (BETA)

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