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What does Sweepstakes List do ?
1. It helps to manage entered sweepstakes.
  Manage sweepstakes entered, keep history of sweepstakes data, including dates, web pages links, prizes, official rules, etc.
2. It alerts when sweepstakes are due for entry.
  Receive alerts when daily, weekly, monthly sweepstakes are due for filling again.
What does NOT Sweepstakes List do ?
1. It does not fill out sweepstakes forms.
  Fill out sweepstakes forms by hand or use RoboForm tool:
2. It does not search new sweepstakes on Internet.
  Use search engine to find new sweepstakes or become a member of one or more sweepstakes clubs, like www.sweepsadvantage.com
What is the difference between shareware and registered version of Sweepstakes List ?
Shareware (unregistered) version expires after 30 days of use.
  Its edit features became disabled. You still will be able to view entered Sweepstakes, but not edit them or add a new ones.
Registered version does not have any limitations.
  Registered users entitled to couple of free useful features, like technical support (by fax or e-mail), maintenance updates, and e-mail news notifications.
How can I purchase / register Sweepstakes List ?
You may purchase Sweepstakes List by registering trial version on Sweepstakes List web site.
Can I run Sweepstakes List on WebTV, Smartphone or iPad ?
No. Sweepstakes List requires computer with Windows installed.
Can I run Sweepstakes List on Apple Mac ?
Sweepstakes List is designed to run on Windows system. However, it might be possible to run it on Apple computers by using either virtualization or emulation software. More details on running Windows programs on Apple computers could be found here.
  Running Sweepstakes List on Apple Mac computers is neither guaranteed nor supported.

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